CMC Swift safety bicycle with spring frame

Swift was the brand name that the Coventry Machinists Co.  gave to their safety bicycles. This Swift is in the 1891 catalogue as model A with spring frame. This means it is basically the same as this one.
The catalogue tells us this model is already in production for some years, but this year it has a single spring under the seat, which is adjustable by a bolt. 
This bicycle shows a faded serial number in the lower ball head lug. It starts with 11xxxx, this is around 1892. 

It has a wonderful construction and it must be a pleasure to ride! The bicycle I took photographs of is not 100% original, I am convinced it must have had solid or cushion tyres when new. That's the reason why they put all this effort in spring frames. This was not necessary any more after they started using pneumatic tyres. And the owner told me the handlebars have been changed. 

Click the picture for more pictures on my Flickr site , including a catalogue scan.